Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit Review


My family welcomed our dog Dollor into our home in 2017. At the time, we weren’t sure what kind of breed she was – she looked like she was part-hound but we weren’t sure of anything beyond that.

So, my family and I decided to get Dollor a canine/dog DNA test. We chose Wisdom Panel as our test provider; their dog DNA tests detects dog breeds and the percentages of each breed in your dog. Wisdom Panel extended us an invitation to get Dollor’s test free in exchange for our honest review of the service, which we were happy to provide.

In about two weeks we got the result, and it surprised us all!

Wisdom’s Market-Leading Canine DNA Tests

Wisdom Panel’s branding and marketing says that it’s the world’s foremost dog DNA test, and boasts screenings for more than 150 genetic health issues/conditions, as well as the greatest number of breeds of all the dog DNA tests in the marketplace.

Wisdom is always increasing the number of breeds they test for, and as of this writing their database encompasses 350+ breeds, the most of all the dog DNA companies (however, if the dog was imported from outside of North America or Northern/Western Europe, they might not be able to test for every breed).

How Wisdom DNA Tests Work

Upon ordering your dog’s Wisdom Panel DNA test, you’ll be mailed a DNA kit. You’ll follow the instructions and swab your dog’s mouth/cheek to collect their DNA. After activating the kit online, you‘ll mail the samples back with a prepaid container.

After Wisdom gets your samples, it’ll take between 2 to 3 weeks for a full analysis. You then get an online document/report that shows the results of the DNA analysis, as well as bonus resources to further your understanding of your dog’s background.

Wisdom Canine DNA Kit Features and Benefits:

◎ Your dog’s DNA test will cover over 99% of 180 AKC-recognized breeds

◎ A full analysis of your dog’s genetic traits

◎ A breed detection that traces your dog’s lineage back 3 generations

◎ The results will help you to develop training program and nutrition/health plans with your vet.

◎ Information on how you can partner with animal rights groups


Benefits: Testers can go between “breed only” OR “breed and health information”, for two different prices. This is good for those who want to get this info without paying extra for a separate health test. This easy-to-use kit has two swabs with bristles for strong DNA collection.


Drawbacks: Rough bristles on the swabs irritated Dollor’s cheek; she didn’t seem happy with me using them in her mouth. Because of this, it was difficult to get the sample. Some of the product info was also confusing and lacking explanation.

Wisdom DNA Tests and Your Dog

If you have a mixed-breed dog and you want to find out their genetic/breed background, Wisdom Panel can give you valuable insight on this. You’ll know what breeds your dog is, and what percentage of each breed they are. This information will help you to satisfy your pet’s nutritional and physical needs. These genetic health screenings will help identify potential issues your dog is susceptible to. That way, you can prepare for and treat these things before they become an issue.