Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Review


Dogs are very friendly animals and man’s best friend.

But how much do you know about your  dog? Are you bothered your dog might one day develop some kind of  hereditary disease? Rather than making guesses, you will need to know what kind of breed your special pup is.  DNA dog tests provides an exciting and informative process to help you understand your puppy better and provide a basis to develop  good health plan for the dogs.

There are different kinds of brands for dog DNA tests available in the market. Although, there are basically two to be considered, they are: Embark and Wisdom Panel. I was able to do a review on Embark’s Breed Identification Kit, and I’ll be stating some of it here.

The first step is to activate the kit. You can choose to sign up using Facebook or the google sign-ins or you can create an account using your  email address. You can register all your kits for your different dogs using one account so as to have easy access online. Once you’ve set up your account, the dog profile can then be created for the kits you intend to activate and each should be registered using the numbers from the Embark Kit. You can also choose to allow the data of your dog to be used in scientific  and medical research (discussed in details below.) You can also subscribe to Embark’s email updates or opt for SMS if you’re in the US.

There is a cheek sponge applicator which is used to collect DNA samples from your dog by inserting into the mouth and allowing it to absorb the saliva in the cheek for about 30 to 60 seconds. Put the swab into a collection tube which contains a blue liquid and then shake it for some little time. ( similar to what is done with the Ancestry DNA kits, this agitation helps the DNA get stabilize. ) Seal perfectly in the plastic bag provided, go online and activate the kit, then drop off the bag in a mail in the pre-postage box. Results will be available in about two or more weeks.

Most breed of dogs recognized by the American Kennel club are found in the Embark breed database. It also contains breeds such as some street dogs and the gray Wolf. The company provides breed results of about 95 to 99% accuracy and Embark carries out 110 times better genetic marker analysis than their competitors and so it provides more granular results. The Embark test skits screens for traits, breed identification, genetic and ancestry disease risk ( for about 175 canine  genetic health issues). Embark also provides a Whole Genome Sequencing Kit, which is a pleasant addition for those of you with scientific knowledge.

The amazing thing about this kits is that, when there is a discovery of  new genetic disorders, they are checked though the already existing DNA profile available and if your dog is positive to any of them they will inform you and then update your result profile. Embark is the only company to  sequence the genome entirely and therefore provide you with more data than ever. You will be provided with more updates on your results after been processed and then stored, as the company strives to make further research on Dogs DNA.

In conclusion, the Embark Dog DNA test kits have a great advantage as its database is huge and is constantly being updated. It has an accurate test result. The Embark Veterinary provides a comprehensive breed analysis for your pooch and this gives links to behaviors, as well as a detailed heritable disease profile. The results can be easily  accessed using any mobile device and can be conveniently shown to relatives and friends. The main disadvantage is that the kits is very expensive and the test is not suitable  for animal shelters and vets.

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