DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Review


I think we have all pondered over what specific breeds our dogs are made up of at some point in our lives, right? Curious to find out where your dog gets its distinct shaggy fur, huge ears or wavy tail from? I’m sure you are, well the answer lies with DNA My Dog!

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is a simple and straightforward DNA kit which is specific to dogs, the DNA archive contains the genetic information of 95 different dog breeds. Admittedly our DNA database isn’t the biggest when compared to competitors such as an Embark or Wisdom Panel test whose database contains the genetic information of 250 breeds of dogs, but it is widely agreed that such tests can be inaccurate. So, for a much smaller price and only a slight compromise in the levels of accuracy, if you are searching for a DNA testing kit on a tight budget, then this is the testing kit for you.

Two cheek swabs are provided with every DNA My Dog Breed ID Test kit along with a complimentary replacement swab which is provided in case of any damage to the other two swabs. Sponges are also provided with the kit and are used to extract saliva from your pooch. Upon obtaining a saliva sample, the package should be returned to the organization and a virtual profile should be made, the results of the dog’s breed will be delivered to the user within 2 weeks.

The results of the DNA examinations are calculated as ranges as opposed to values. These ranges are referred to as ‘levels’, all of which will be noted on your dog’s DNA result certificate, the lower the level, the greater the percentage range of genetic material that a dog has in common with a particular breed. Level 1 reflects a 75% match with a particular breed, Level 2 indicates a match of between 74% and 37%, Level 3 means a 36% to 20% match, Level 4 reflects a match of between 19% and 10% with Level 5 signifying a match of under 9%. Should it be discovered that your canine friend has genetic information similar to that of a breed which is not included in the 95-breed strong database, then the percentage which is generated will refer to the similarities in DNA with similar breeds.


◎ The simple variation of the test is cheap.

◎ The test includes two cheek swabs, as well as a complimentary swab which can be used if either swab become damaged or misplaced.

◎ An additional Life Plan provision is provided in order to help you ensure that your dog remains healthy.

◎ Customer service is available by both phone and email to respond to any queries.


◎ This DNA testing kit features the database with the fewest breeds.

◎ This kit does not feature a ‘family tree’ diagram of the breeds which a dog relates to or for assessing genetical issues and their likelihood.

◎ There are various consumers who raise concerns over inaccurate results.

Upon the readiness of the DNA test findings, they are instantly distributed to consumers via email with no prior information. Whereas other DNA tests, such as that of Embark communicate with their customers via regular updates as the DNA sample progresses through the various stages of testing, for example customers are informed as soon as the sample arrives at the testing facility and are notified once the DNA analysis is initiated. The email provided by DNA my dog includes 3 PDF files, one of which is a signed certificate from the laboratory complete with the date of when the  DNA examination of your dog took place, it is formatted in a specific manner so that it can be printed out and framed. The certificate also features a comprehensive list of the breeds which your dog matched with, this is ordered in the ‘levels’ or percentage ranges to which the DNA matches, and a portrait of your dog is also displayed on the certificate, provided that you attached one during the registration process.

To conclude, the DNA My Dog testing kit is a less costly DNA testing kit on the market when compared to more comprehensive tests such as those of Wisdom Panel and Embark. Given the fact that DNA My Dog is cheaper alternative, a compromise is made with the number of features compared with competitor products. The biggest difference is that DNA My Dog contains the genetic information of 155 fewer dog breeds than the other 2 tests with only 95 breeds featured in the database, this works in favor of DNA My Dog as they are able to provide results faster than Embark, this is true for Wisdom Panel as well. The lack of extensive and arguably unnecessary features of DNA My Dog, its short results turnover and its inexpensive cost means that it is an ideal choice for both animal shelters and veterinary institutions.